St Johns

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for the remarkable contribution of Bob Wilson, volunteer at St John Ambulance South Australia Inc for sharing his knowledge and skills.

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire

A questionnaire to identify your preferred learning styles

The Padagogy Wheel - Android

A selection of Apps that can be used during coaching sessions

The Padagogy Wheel - iPhone

A selection of Apps that can be used during coaching sessions

The VIA Strength Survey

A survey to identify your strengths

VIA Strengths

A classification and description of the 24 strengths

pdf 22.84KB

10 Effective Actions for Successful Coaching

A quick and easy pocket guide to coaching

pdf 33.34KB

Coaching Plan Template

An individualised coaching support plan

pdf 63.38KB

Session Plan Example

An example of an individualised coaching session plan

pdf 40.71KB

Session Plan Template

An individualised plan for coaching sessions

pdf 45.03KB

Visual Learning Style Example

An example of how to support an older adult who is a visual learner

pdf 15.23KB

Visual Learning Style Template

A template to use as required for older adults who are visual learners

pdf 378.78KB

Index of Learning Styles

A quick and easy pocket guide to learning styles

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Technology for Well-being Bibliography

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